QOTD 10/17

“One can only sift through so much porn at a time.”


10K + 13.1 = Algebra!

So, as I sit here reflecting on our weekend, I think that you are amazing for doing [two] races.  No normal person [would] do that.  Then I remember . . . this is not the face of a normal person.

The above is a text message, nearly verbatim, that my best friend, Callie, sent to me on the evening of Sunday, September 30th.  There was an attachment with the text . . .  basically, it is photographic evidence that I make ridiculous faces.  I have chosen to exclude this particular picture because it truly is NOT flattering, albeit hilarious.  However, I will indeed include several photos from Sunday, later in my ramblings.

So, in short . . . HOLY SHIT!  I. DID. IT!

I have not been a superstar at finding the time to update this blog as of late (SOOOO, you may be scratching your head thinking to yourself WHAT!?  WHAT DID YOU DO!?  I will loop it back around . . . as I always do!).  Essentially, I have fallen behind in life.  I have not maintained my reading goals, I am woefully behind in responding to pen-pal letters, and I barely have any traveling postcards floating around out there for Postcrossing, so on and so forth.  I also cannot seem to get caught up with the laundry and other, miscellaneous household chores, just adding that extra layer of incompetency to my stew of slackery.  However, although I have not quite been nailing it in the afore outlined areas of my life: blogging, reading, snail mailing, housework, etc., allow me to list for you where I have been slaying it:

  • I tried my hand at creating ATCs, and I have been happy with the outcome!
  • I ran in the 2018 Dempsey Challenge 10K (September 29th, 2018).
    • Not only did I run in the 2018 Dempsey Challenge 10K, I obtained my best 10k time to date.
      • With the love, support, and generosity of family, friends, and even IG and swap-bot friends I’ve never even met in person, I raised $550.99 for the Dempsey Centers.  That is $550.99 dollars that is truly going to help someone (or many someones) engaged in a battle with cancer.
  • I ran my very first half marathon (September 30th, 2018).
    • Not only did I run my first half marathon, I did so the day after I obtained by best 10k time.  I was also informed that my 10k time this day matched that of the day before.  *Shout out to Erin for tracking me and thinking to let me know that tidbit!
  • I signed up for an out-of-state race!
    • I have never run in an event outside of Maine, and though it’s on my bucket list to do so, I’m a bit anxious and nervous at the prospect, but I am also really stoked to follow through!

I found this nifty YouTube video just a few moments ago on the Maine Marathon website.  <~~ This is now a lie.  It was the truth yesterday, when I began the composition of this entry, but it is no longer ‘a few moments ago.’  But I digress!  The video shows the run route via a motor vehicle.  As I watched it, I thought I can’t believe I ran all of this!  Watching this video was an entirely different perspective, and I now brim with pride.  I was proud of myself when I crossed that finish line, but when I truly came to comprehend my accomplishment . . .

I am really freakin’ proud of myself!


Callie Stretching
I’ve Got To Stretch Too!
Maine Marathon Starting Line
Callie and I at the Starting Line
Ocean View
Callie and I Crossed the Finish Line!

I am (already) seriously considering running another half marathon . . .

However, I highly doubt that I will (ever) double up on races in one weekend again!  I also doubt that there is the possibility of emulating the feels that accompanied crossing that half marathon finish line for the first time, but it’s a high that I am willing to chase, figuratively speaking, but since I am writing about running, I mean it quite literally too!


Attempt & “Fail” #1: Favorite Moment A Day

It has been on my (lengthy) agenda / to-do list, since January, to write down a favorite moment from each day, on a daily basis, for at least a year.  Sadly, converting this idea from a mere concept to an active habit has been short lived and fleeting at best.  I find that I have a lot of starts and stops with this venture; I started again on the 27th of August, but I didn’t make it beyond two days.  I was originally going to delete the draft I had started, but then I thought better of it . . .

Creating a habit is a process, no matter what behavior it is that we are attempting to make habitual.  Did I start exercising daily just because I said to myself, “Gee, I should consider making exercise a priority in my lifestyle?”  NOPE.  Did I start drinking more water based solely on the thought that starting now, I’m going to drink at least 60 ounces of water daily?  NOPE DOS.  I have started, stopped, and tried again ( . . . and again and again . . . ) until my “habits” have “stuck.”  I cannot delete my failed attempts at exercising daily or drinking a trough of water a day . . . actually, I could if I purge my Fitbit’s data.  However, I do not do so because part of striving, trying, and becoming better is to face the shortfalls.  My “failures” are gentle reminders to just do better today than I did yesterday.  My “failures” have helped me learn to not wallow on what I perceive as an imperfect attempt.

*I have this innate anxiety deep within me that tends to require that I be . . . perfect, that I do everything . . . perfectly, that what I create needs to be . . . impeccable.*

Since I do not delete the Fitbit evidence of a deficiency (not enough steps, over calories, didn’t drink enough water, etc.), why delete the evidence of my writing shortfall(s)?  So, I did not reach 365 favorite moments (this attempt), but that does not make my two favorite moments any less favorited, any less memorable.  These two moments are still special in their own right, and they may not be the beginning of a long series of favorite moments and events, but they are a good try, a decent attempt, a gentle reminder to . . . try again.



First pumpkin flavored coffee of the season. . .

  • I know a few people, but mainly Leola, who emphatically argue that August is too early for the pumpkin themed and flavored goods.  I don’t entirely disagree with this stance, nor do I agree.  I had the first sip of pumpkin coffee this morning, and I have no regrets.  Since I consume (maybe) between one and five beers a year, I no longer look longingly forward to Shipyard’s Pumpkinhead, which is also already available.  Wendell has been coveting the DQ pumpkin blizzard for well over a week now, but the general consensus is that September 3rd is not too early for the autumn ice cream treat to be rolled out.  Eight days.  A literal eight days between when pumpkin is not acceptable versus when it is.


A woman working at the DD drive-thru told me that every time I go there, I make her day. . .

  • What’s not to love about this!?  To know that I am responsible for bettering someone’s day just be being . . . ME, and to do so during such a brief interaction, I think that is all sorts of special.  Ironically, I was thrilled when I saw that she was working this morning because she too tends to make my day bright; M always double checks my order to ensure it’s correct, and she’s outgoing and pleasant.  I admire the heck out of outgoing people.