Blissful Bebop

*Disclaimer: Title was composed solely for its alliteration value.  There is no bebop in the following text – continue reading at risk of disappointment.*

I have been attempting to be more mindful these days.  Instead of remaining under the thumb of my worries and woes, I am making a concentrated effort to bask in the beauty of the “little things.”  Sidenote: I have been struck (and by struck, I do mean thunderstruck – THWACK!!!) with such a feeling of déjà vu, that I am uncertain whether I have previously written a similar declaration . . . Perhaps I merely dreamed about doing so . . . 

I am thankful for so much.  Even when I’m knee-deep in the funkiest of funks, I constantly remind myself of my good fortune, despite the misfortunes I currently face.  Blessings: I have a roof over my head; I have never known what it is to be hungry / starving; I am employed; I have access to hot, clean, running water; my body allows me to run; my Radin; I am able to read; I can write; I love and am loved; I have both of my parents.  As you can read, my blessings list is quite long, and for that, I am fortunate – more so than many.

So, my pledge to be more mindful is to find a newfound joy in the “little things” that I tend to overlook day-to-day.  For the past two days, my Pandora has been streaming the 90s Pop Radio station, and I am blissed.  I was 5 – 15 years old in the 90s, and to this day, I associate so many memories from my childhood with the music of that time.  Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping was at its peak when Mainers were entombed in ice and without electricity for weeks on end (1998).  At 8YOA, I was viewed, by my peers, as a music prodigy because I could play Ace of Base’s The Sign on the flute (1993).

I am astounded by the number of lyrics I remember from this decade!  (I cannot seem to learn a song from today).  Until recently (yesterday – today), I had forgotten about many of the melodies shuffling through this Pandora station.  I have compiled a list (below) of some of the ditties that have made me euphoric and nostalgic.  Enjoy!

Give Me One Reason – Tracy Chapman

Breakfast At Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something

The Sign – Ace of Base

Torn – Natalie Imbruglia

Lovefool – The Cardigans

Bitch – Meredith Brooks

What’s Up – 4 Non Blondes

Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band

Wannabe – Spice Girls

Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

All The Small Things – blink-182

Closing Time – Semisonic

Wonderwall – Oasis

You’re A God – Vertical Horizon

Two Princes – Spin Doctors

Semi-Charmed Life – Third Eye Blind

Barely Breathing – Duncan Sheik

How Bizarre – OMC

What It’s Like – Everlast

Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

Hold My Hand – Hootie & The Blowfish

Jumper – Third Eye Blind

Name – The Goo Goo Dolls

One Headlight – The Wallflowers

Another Night – The Real McCoy

No Rain – Blind Melon

You Learn – Alanis Morissette

If You Could Only See – Tonic

Waterfalls – TLC

Hand In My Pocket – Alanis Morissette

What Is Love – Haddaway

No Scrubs – TLC

Follow You Down – Gin Blossoms

Inside Out – Eve 6

All For Your – Sister Hazel

Santeria – Sublime

Roll To Me – Del Amitri

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve

December – Collective Soul

Slide – The Goo Goo Dolls

Push – Matchbox Twenty

Never Let You Go – Third Eye Blind

Meet Virginia – Train

This Is How We Do It – Montell Jordan

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls

Can’t Help Falling In Love – UB40(‘s version)

I Want You – Savage Garden

Hold On – Wilson Phillips

Intergalactic – Beastie Boys

Baby, I Love Your Way – Big Mountain(‘s version)

To Be With You – Mr. Big

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

Steal My Sunshine – Len

I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis

Walkin’ On The Sun – Smash Mouth

Send Me On My Way – Rusted Root

More Than Words – Extreme

Wild World – Mr. Big

Creep – TLC

Flagpole Sitta – Harvey Danger

Come Out And Play – The Offspring

Basket Case – Green Day

What I Got – Sublime

Santa Monica – Everclear

Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Jump Around – House Of Pain

Brain Stew – Green Day

You Were Meant For Me – Jewel

Caress Me Down – Sublime

Stay (I Missed You) – Lisa Loeb


















“Bikini Bodies Are Made In Winter”

T or F?  Bikini bodies are made in winter.

If you’re me, the answer is . . . really effing F.

So, I have been less than “nailing it” over the course of these winter months.  What I have been doing cannot even be described as bumping or tapping.  I’ve been downright, straight up, and absolutely struggling.  However, with all of my notions of failure, I have not thrown in the towel, and that alone is a success that trumps all deficiencies.

I have (close to) perfected the skill of not dwelling, not getting so bogged down by my perceived defeats that I either succumb to a depression or decide to no longer strive.  I had worked so hard, and currently, I feel as though I have backslid.  I have gained back a few of my lost pounds, and though that does not seem altogether Earth shattering, it is still detrimental to my well-being, particularly the head game.

So, before I become irreparably downtrodden and continue to backslide, I have taken action!  First and foremost, dear reader, remember several posts in the past when I wrote about comparison being the thief of joy?  I am fairly certain you recall it; I know you have read and memorized every titillating post, but just in case this singular write up has elusively slipped from your memory, in summary . . . COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY.  I believe this sentiment to be true not only in examples of comparing oneself to others, but it is also legitimate in instances of comparing our current habits, or lack thereof, with our former ones.

My POA, or plan of action, is to start slow.  I have been active only intermittently since October, and I will not allow myself to reflect on my past routine for any purpose other than to eventually implement it again.  I know it is not reasonable currently to wake up, feed my Fitbit a couple of miles and walk the dog before work, hit the gym for an hour and a half during lunch and breaks, respectively, and after work, do body weight exercises and thirty minutes of yoga.  I cannot immediately pick up where I left off, but I can once again realize this system.  I have done it once before, which means I can do it again.  My temporary faltering is not synonymous with inadequacy.

In order to get back to the grind, I am actively executing three premeditated ideas.  If nothing else, I have spent four and a half-ish months reflecting.

  1. Set a reasonable goal that is not associated with exactness.
    • So, no goal weight by THIS date, no specific distance run by THAT date.
    • Goal: GET OUTSIDE.
      • My (reasonable) goal to get outside is to help me ease myself into warmer weather.  I struggle in the heat, and I hypothesize that this is attributed to my consistent indoor exercise.  When I participate in a run that takes place in the blistering, dastardly heat of August, and I have trained only in air conditioned spaces, the humidity is utterly oppressive.  If I exit my comfort zone and walk and run outside effective immediately, perhaps the heat and humidity will not be so onerous because I, like the temperature, have transitioned with the seasons.
  2. Set a futile goal free.
    • So, quit a previous goal that was once attainable but has since become insurmountable.
    • GOAL: Let go of RTY 2019.
      • I will most definitely continue to track my mileage and progress toward 2,019 miles run this calendar year, but it is no longer a set in stone goal for myself.  I am so far behind the eight ball nowadays, the daily commitment to complete the Run the Year objective would be adverse.
  3. Do what makes me happy.
    • So, by doing something that makes me happy, all else will fall into place.
    • GOAL: Get run registrations completed.
      • Unquestionably, running events thrill me: 5Ks, 10Ks, halfsies!  The training up to is oftentimes arduous, but when I cross that finish line, the effort is SO worth it.  So, I have gotten my run list compiled for the season, with openness to two or three more.  I have also started to work on my 2019 run playlist.  *Feel free to leave a comment with a few songs that get you up and running*  Ba-dum-chhh

So, my bikini body was not made this winter.  However, an improved adaptation of “AmyBP (oneword)” is in the works.

Finally, a shout out to Erin for sending me this beauty!  Impeccable timing, my dear!


P.S. I’m for serious regarding *Feel free to leave a comment with a few songs that get you up and running*