Sans Gracie

Hark!  Yet another attempt at creating and maintaining a blog.  I never know quite where to begin, for I do not know where exactly the beginning is, where my journey began.  However, in this instance, the middle is a perfectly acceptable starting point.

While Gracie, my Mum and Dad’s adult, female boxer was at the veterinary, she weighed in at 49 pounds.  My Mum prefaced this very vet story by indicating that she does not want to offend me.  Of course, I was mind-boggled because how could a story about Gracie being weighed at the doggie doc be construed as offensive?  Well, because as Mum so eloquently put it, “You’ve lost a Gracie!”

For months I have tracked the pounds shed from my body, and the numbers themselves are meaningful as they add up, but until I had the visual component, I did not realize just how much progress I have made.  I have indeed lost a Gracie, and I am so very proud.




Author: idiosyncraticunicorn

I'm a naturally quirky Mainer with a dork side! I'm an avid snail mailer, bibliophile, musician, crafter, and runner/athlete. My favorite things in life: CUPCAKES, books, knee socks, the color pink, Kawaii, platypi, unicorns, anchors, and mermaids. When I'm not reading a book or writing, I can be found doing girly stuff like stacking wood or building rock walls; I'm versatile. Following me around, in all of my endeavors, is my dog shadow, Radin. It is rare to see me without a smile on my face. Currently striving to be the best me I can be!

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